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Aurora Cemetery resampled

For one reason or another, the Aurora Cemetery, photographed in June of 2008, contained all original (un-processed) images.  This just means they don’t have the “punch” or visual impact of my current work.  Apparently an oversight, this has now been corrected, along with some re-cropping, addition of a few photos that were left out originally […]

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Up at Last!

Finally. The new site is up and running with a little over 40 cemeteries represented here.  I’m happy with the new layout, even if it was a lot of work.  Aside from the interface, the biggest change is the effort put into the documentation to try and list as much information about each image as […]

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Part-way done with the site rebuild

This site has been in a regular state of updates since it’s inception in 2007.  However… The site design itself has been woefully stagnant over the last three years with absolutely no cosmetic changes or improvements.  All of this is changing, with a completely new website design and a rebuild of every single listing page […]

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