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Now that the site is finished, I felt I needed to get busy and process two cemeteries I photographed last year, but never posted.

While we were in Pennsylvania in March of 2010 (drizzling rain the entire time…) we took a day to investigate the Amish country.  If you have never been, you need to schedule some time to investigate this region.  Aside from the beautiful green rolling hills and farms, the simple life these people lead is soothing if only to visit for a short time.  In our travels, I spotted a very old, classic cemetery and spent a little time evaluating it.  There are a couple of very odd images in this collection I think you will find interesting.

The second project is a cemetery outside St. Jo, Texas that I found while searching for a certain Texas oddity to show my wife.  Some of the history in this rural Texas necropolis, the final resting place of some Pioneers, is quite interesting.

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