Dallas Pioneer Cemetery Added

Pioneer Cemetery Dallas

Pioneer Cemetery

At long last, my wife and I made the trek down to the historic Dallas Pioneer Cemetery to photograph it for this site.  Many things make this particular cemetery unique.

  • It is a combination of four cemeteries.
  • A substantial Confederate Monument occupies one corner of the grounds.
  • Many historically significant people are buried there.
  • Is is bounded by the Dallas Convention Center
  • A massive bronze cattle drive is part of the park’s attraction.

Also, this is the first of the cemeteries I’ve covered where I made a concerted effort to capture as many of the monuments as possible and transcribe all of them – in addition to transcribing all the plaques.  Over 130 photos make up this display.

Photographed on March 6, 2011 and posted on March 19, 2011

Stay tuned for 2 more postings I’m still working on.  An obscure town cemetery in rural Grayson County and – a necropolis I’ve been looking for this last 2 years – a well- concealed Confederate Cemetery in Grayson County.

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