Part-way done with the site rebuild

This site has been in a regular state of updates since it’s inception in 2007.  However… The site design itself has been woefully stagnant over the last three years with absolutely no cosmetic changes or improvements.  All of this is changing, with a completely new website design and a rebuild of every single listing page as well.  In other words I’m re-engineering every cemetery page from scratch, with many of the older ones getting re-rendering of all the images to bring them up to my current standards.

I am also adding anecdotes and image identifying information to every photo to assist in searching for loved ones’ final resting places that I have documented.  If you’re looking for someone you don’t see here – but I have photographed the cemetery, contact me and I will look through the archives to see if it’s in an unpublished image.

Stay tuned for the launch announcement sometime after the first of the year.

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  1. David Bowen says:

    If you are interested, I came across a very old cemetary in Winfield Tx, just west of Mt. Pleasant. The cemetary appears to be for the Long family, and has several civil war soldiers buried there. From a historical aspect, it might be worth visiting. I can supply directions if you are interested. It is only about 75 yards from I-30 and is easily accessable. ~David Bowen.

  2. David Baccus says:

    Tried to give some contact info for Baccus Cemetery.
    I have some great info and documents if interested.

    David Baccus

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