Up at Last!


The new site is up and running with a little over 40 cemeteries represented here.  I’m happy with the new layout, even if it was a lot of work.  Aside from the interface, the biggest change is the effort put into the documentation to try and list as much information about each image as possible in a text format to make it more search engine friendly.  This was done to assist those searching for genealogy information about their relatives.

If there is anything you’re looking for that you don’t see in a cemetery I’ve recorded, contact me and I’ll see if it’s in archival images I chose not to display for one reason or another.

I am also available as a “hired gun” to photograph specific grave sites if your relatives are buried in Texas (or Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico – actually anywhere you’d care to fly me) and you are not local.  Feel free to contact me if my services are of interest to you.

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  1. Drake Peddie says:

    Outstanding pictures sir. Would love for you to capture some of our before and after pictures some day. Would you like to exchange links with us????

    • NightStalker says:

      I am happy to post your link on this site. Looks like you provide a valuable service.
      I will be unavailable for photo shoots over the next several months, but when you come up with a restoration project you need documented, look me up so I can shoot both sides of the project and let’s discuss the project.

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